Singapore Horse Racing Tips Free – What is Singapore Horse Racing, and Why Should You Care?

Singapore horse race betting is one of the most common gambling games available in online casinos in Singapore. Horse racing involves finding the fastest horse at a particular distance or on the course.

If you are new to online horse racing, then you might be in a poor state feeling a little bit confused. This is why the best casino in Singapore offers its players Singapore horse racing tips free, to give them an idea on how to place bets.

In addition to Singapore horse racing being fun and entertaining, online bettors love it because they get a chance to win real money. Want to learn more about SG horse racing tips? Stay tuned!

How to Bet on a Race in Singapore

Just like other online casino games, the online casino Singapore also gives players different horse racing betting types to pick from. They include:

1. Win-Place-Show Bet

The win-place-show bet allows SG horse racing bettors to keep their betting as simple as possible. It is a simple betting option that can be broken into three components:

  • Win Betting

Here, the player wins the bet if the chosen horse wins. So, for example, if you wager $100 on a certain horse that has +400 Singapore horse racing odds, you will get $400 if the horse finishes the race first. The risk is high and the payout is also high.

  • Place Betting

Place betting provides two options for success, but the payout is smaller compared to that win betting. On this bet, the online player will bet on a horse to finish first or second. If the horse finishes at number three then you lose the bet.

  • Show Betting

Show betting gives you three different ways to win with a lower payout than the other two bets. Here, you predict if your horse will finish first, second or third. This type of bet has lower risk and gives players a great opportunity to make real money.

2. Exotic Bets

In exotic bets, online bettors are required to pick the winner of two consecutive races known as ‘Daily Double.’ All the bets are gathered in an SG pool horse racing, and the entire betting pool is distributed among those who predicted the end results correctly.

3. Quinella Bet

This is the best Singapore pools horse racing bet for beginners. You are only required to choose any one of multiple horses, and if any of them reaches the finish line, you win. It offers a lower payout because of its low risk.

There are three major forms of Quinella bets: straight Quinella, Quinella box, and Quinella wheel, with each providing different odds.

Betting on horse races in the best online casino Singapore is exciting and simple to play. Below is how to place your Singapore horse racing live bets:

  • Sign up at one of the best Singapore online gambling site that offers horse racing bets
  • Create an account by entering your info like name, date of birth, password
  • In the gaming section, click on the horse racing betting option to see the games available.
  • Before playing, check out the Singapore horse racing tips today
  • Choose and state the race-horse number you’re betting on
  • Place your wager and deposit the amount of bet you want to place
  • Watch the race as you wait for the Singapore horse results

Singapore Horse Racing Tips

96Ace Singapore Horse Racing Platform

Singapore horse race betting has become a staple form of entertainment for many online bettors. To help you out, here’s a guide with essential ways you can use to improve your chances of winning.

Choosing the Right Horse

Start by conducting research on which horse you’re going to place a bet on. Singaporean players are advised to read the racing forms that are provided at each horse racing event.

These manuals contain information about the horse, the jockey and its color, past ranking, and their number in the race.

This information will guide you in predicting the race outcome. Choosing the right horse will increase your chances of winning and